Laura Leet from SEED EducatorsHaving worked in the environmental field for the past 4 years, and being a certified teacher I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for the environment with my interest in education. While spending time in various schools I realized that even though environmental education is a priority for many teachers in these schools, there wasn’t a lot being done to support them. This is when I decided to form SEED Educators, to help teachers to See Environmental Education Differently, and have access to the resource and support they need to be effective environmental educators. SEED Educators is primarily a network for teachers to connect in person and online around environmental education. There are many teachers out there who want to incorporate environmental education into their classrooms, but they aren’t sure how, don’t have access to the proper resources, or don’t feel supported by administration and other teachers. By creating a group of teachers across Ottawa who are passionate about environmental education we will provide them with the resources, support, and know-how they need to be successful. Together we can make this city a leader in environmental education.


Laura Leet Environmental TeacherI have always loved being outdoors, and spent the summers of my childhood at my family cottage exploring everything nature had to offer. In university I transferred my passion for the outdoors into protecting it, and majored in Environmental Science. Having spent years working at camps, I wanted to continue to find a way to work with children and inspire them about the world around them, so I decided to go to teachers’ college. There I learned a lot about how to incorporate environmental themes into lessons while still teaching to the curriculum. I was inspired that I could teach not only what was required but also incorporate the values that are important to me. With a background in environmental consulting from college, my experience with environmental education through work and school experiences, and being a certified teacher in Ontario, I have the necessary skills to help teachers plant the SEED of environmental education. I believe that every teacher has the ability to incorporate environmental education, and every child deserves to learn in a classroom that fosters environmental stewardship.

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